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As a joint venture between the GICON Group and CIP Holding AG, we offer technologies that help you advance - from the production of renewable energy to the utilization, remediation and protection of soils and water bodies. Both our proposal and your benefit is the proper stewardship of the environment and natural resources for the production and use of energy, for the extraction of raw materials and for the elimination of ecological risks.

Feel free to browse the following pages and inform yourself about our extensive range of products and services. If needed, our international staff will be happy to assist you.

Our key services

<br>GAET offers biogas technologies for all types of feedstocks -<br>for a forward-looking and affordable energy generation
<br>With the patented GICON® Photobioreactor, microalgae can be efficiently cultivated and energetically or materially utilized
<br>The GICON® SOF floating offshore foundation provides an ideal solution to the future challenges facing the offshore wind industry
<br>GAET supports you during economic and ecological enhancement of anthopologically-altered soils and water bodies


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80331 Munich, Germany
Phone: 0049-89-724019-0
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