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Innovative technologies for dynamic solutions to your challenges

The goal of GICON Advanced Environmental Technologies GmbH (GAET) is to provide the best possible processes and technologies for your requirements. In addition to consulting, engineering and construction of complete plants for the production of renewable energy, GAET provides the proven services of GICON with respect to utilization, remediation and protection of soils and water bodies. Throughout all project phases, our employees manage your project locally and can quickly respond to individual needs and wishes.

Sustainable and cost-effective use of renewable energy

A unique feature of GICON is its own future-oriented technology developments. Take advantage of these patented processes and products, not only to ecologically produce energy, but to do so in an economically-viable manner.

By applying the GICON® biogas process, even structurally-diverse organic waste can be efficiently processed while avoiding greenhouse gas emissions. Also, for all other typical feedstocks, GAET offers its clients the optimum biogas technology. In the GICON® Photobioreactor, microalgae can be grown in diverse climates and utilized both materially as well as energetically. Finally, GICON has developed the GICON® SOF, an innovative floating support structure for offshore wind turbines, which offers significant cost advantages over conventional foundation solutions.

Soil and water as resources to use and protect

Anthropogenic influences ranging from industrial pollution to development and cultivation of land affect the environment. This carries risks not only for the operator but also for the general public. After German reunification, GICON became one of the leading engineering companies involved in extensive remediation activities in the territory of the former German Democratic Republic. Our experts can thus fall back on a unique set of experiences to restore industrially-polluted areas to a usable status and allow them to be economically exploited.

GAET identifies and assesses the condition of soils and water bodies and the impact of planned or carried out interventions. In addition, experienced professionals simulate the necessary protective and remedial measures and implement them reliably.