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Enhancement of soils and water bodies

You are, as a company or a public institution, required to remediate contaminated areas and to ensure the protection against floods? Or you want to manage soils and water bodies to maintain or increase property values? GAET helps you both in determining the current situation as well as in the calculation of impacts and implementation of protection and remediation measures. Right from the outset, the future use of the site is also included in planning by GAET. The objective is the subsequent economic and environmental revitalization of the affected areas.

Former industrial sites in particular are characterized both by obsolete industrial machinery and by extensive soil and groundwater contamination. Long-term remediation and regeneration of such sites can only be ensured by the maintenance of industrial productivity. This requires complex revitalization and remediation strategies. GICON has developed and implemented such strategies at several sites.

Our services help you to

  • Reverse the trend of structural decline, and redefine the economics and public health of a region
  • Reduce pollution and reclaim land for productive use
  • Achieve health benefits for local residents, and reduce pollution-related illness down-stream

    Investing in remediation

      • Removes significant regional barriers to further investment
      • Kick-starts the economic revival of an area and structural change
      • Ensures suitability for high quality residential development
      • Can also be developed into an attractive tourist destination