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Forecast of water quantity and quality

A reliable forecasting of the quantity and quality of water bodies is a crucial foundation for effective management, both for surface water and groundwater.

The data collected during the investigation and monitoring phases is used by GICON to predict water quantity and quality.  Numerical models, ranging from simple one-dimensional analytics up to complex three-dimensional numerical visualizations are utilized for this, depending on the quality of data. On this basis, GICON experts can derive statements on existing groundwater resources and their use, produced optimized management concepts and identify potential savings in remediation services.

Groundwater Modeling

  • Creation of comprehensive geological structure models
  • Quantity and quality models for complex underground systems
  • Forecast of volumes and procurement development for interventions in the subsoil

Surface water modeling

  • Creation of comprehensive, large-scale surface water models
  • Coupled groundwater / surface water modeling

Water management

  • Comprehensive assessment of the condition of surface and groundwaters
  • Determination and assessment of the performance of measures on the condition of the water body
  • Derivation of optimized water management concepts
  • Water body restoration, water body maintenance concepts