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Cultivation of microalgae for energetic or material applications

Microalgae are the hope for an organic-based future. Due to their wide spectrum of potential applications while simultaneously conserving resources, microalgae play a key role in tackling global challenges such as security of water supplies, energy generation and food production. Per unit of area, algae exhibit 5-20 times higher biomass yields than can be achieved through conventional agriculture.

GAET provides you with the patented GICON® Photobioreactor, the right technology for efficient production of biomass as a source of nutrients and high-value chemical products.

Algae biomass is a source of raw materials for a variety of valuable materials. As such, the green multi-talents can be used energetically through the release of stored energy or materially by utilizing their cell contents. In addition to a wide range of active pharmaceutical ingredients, they also offer many basic raw materials for the chemical and fine chemicals industries as well as the food and feed industries. Most microalgae also possess high lipid levels and thus have the potential to act as a supplier of fuel. For the energy supply of the future, they can therefore play an important role.